My Journey

       I've always been very intuitive, without really knowing what it meant. 
     I used to sense people's and place's energy and soon enough learned that
I was able to "send" energy to others.
     My life has really flipped upside down when I was living in China and
knew I needed a change.
     I felt disconnected to myself, let alone to something bigger than me.
    I was depressed, feeling empty, without a purpose. Even though I had the
perfect life from the outside - a great husband, three healthy children, living
as an Expat in a foreign country with all the perks that this life brings - I had
to find my purpose.
     That's when I came across Reconnective Healing and it just transformed my life.
     I had my sessions done at distance and in the first one, I started feeling like things were more clear, they made more sense, I was back to feeling connected again. I started having insights about what I needed to do, and a  different perspective of the reality I was in.
     After my third session, I woke up one day with a clear picture of the steps I needed to take in order to move away from China - we were there for 11 years - I was done.
     I put together a moving plan, with all the steps, a picture of my ideal house and a deadline: "We will celebrate Christmas at our own house in the United States", - that was April.
     Of course when I told my husband about my vision, he told I had finally lost it but, something inside of me had no doubt that things were going to work out exactly as I've seen it.
     And they did.
     In a matter of two months, we had signed a contract for the perfect position for my husband to move to Michigan, doing what he is best at.
     And, just like the picture I've seen, we found our perfect house where we celebrated our first Christmas at.
     After this incredible transformation, I knew I had to go back to myself and start facilitating this reconnection to others. That's when I got certified to be a Yoga teacher, to work with Reconnecting Healing and, to honor my intuition even more, to do Akashic Records Readings.
      After my awakening, I've been reminding others of their true essence and worth.
     I do believe that one - if not THE - most important thing for this life time is to remember who we are.    Because we all come from the same Source and we are ALL capable of taking charge of our lives by honoring who we really are.

     Let me guide you to remembering your purpose, honoring it and living it.

Deep gratitude,
Patricia Yiu