Reconnective Healing Sessions  
     Come to my sacred space

    Experience an incredible shift of energy during your Reconnective Healing
session when you are reconnected to higher frequencies, bringing you more
connection to yourself, a deeper inner awareness and profound relaxation.
     These new waves of vibration will continue to unfold long after your session
and you will continue to feel and notice changes around you.
These changes can be on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels.
     Give yourself the gift of trusting in this amazing Universal Intelligence to bring
you what you need.

     Enjoy your session at the comfort at your home

   With the same intensity, you can choose to have your session without leaving your home.
     As energy is all aroung us, you being physically on the same room as me is irrelevant.
     When you book your distant session, we will set up a time when you can lie down without being interrupted, we will do a quick chat online over Skype, Hangouts of Facebook message where I can see your face to project onto my table in my office here. You will then set up your timer for 35 minutes, hang up, get ready and enjoy the session. When your times goes off, you will call me again and we will talk about what you experience and I will share any messages or sensations that I felt. 
     Let this incredible energy field amaze you.

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              Akashic Records Readings


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     The Akashic Records are a vast “data base” – envision a big library –
that reveals the depth & breadth of the wisdom of your soul through
     An Akashic record reading is not predictive like an oracle.
And it’s not a psychic reading. Rather it is a trusted source for accessing
your unique truth supported by the masters, teachers and loved ones
within the records whose only objective is to provide lovingly support &
empower you.
     Specifically, here is just a sample of what the Akashic Records Reading can provide for you:

* Clarity and confirmation regarding your choices and decisions
* Freedom from angst and worry
* Detailed information about how to achieve your goals
* Support in the reclamation of personal power and trust in yourself that you have the skills, the creativity, the know how, and the resources to accomplish what you envision
* Assistance in uncovering the root causes & conditions of problematic issues in order to easily resolve your challenges
* In-depth support in creating healthy, honest, loving relationships
* Directions for living the most fulfilled life possible…on purpose…expanding your capacity for joy…loving it all…savoring and celebrating the success you’ve longed for in your heart of hearts.

     You will feel like you’ve come home to yourself. 

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Emotional Baggage Release

     We all carry emotional baggage.
     From past events, from our parents and up to 10 generations, these emotions get
stuck in the body creating a flight or fight response every time they get triggered by
something that happens in the present.
     Using Energetic Systems Maintenance (ESM), muscle testing and higher guidance,
I am able to detect the event in your life that created an emotional that is trapped in
your body and release it that so you stop living from the past. And not to mention that 
all our unprocessed emotions choose an organ, tissue, or system in the body where
they are stored and disrupt their function.

     You don't have to carry that much weight anymore.
     Time to start living your own life with a lot more freedom and balance!



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Get inspired with my client A.K. from Singapore: 

"Patricia is a very caring and nice healer! She is very patient and allowed me to take my time to release my emotions and reminded me that it was safe for me to do so. She was trying to clear out the emotional energy that is stuck in my body and she managed to tap into the grief that has been stored in my body that I didn't even know--I ended up crying, something that I didn't do when the incident happened and I felt really relieved. She was also able to point out some of the patterns that I have in my life and cleared them out for me, so now I'm able to make decisions more confidently which I wasn't able to before. She also explained to me in details about how energy that trapped in our body could affect our well-being. I feel much better after the energy was being released from the organs or body parts. I didn't tell her about my water drinking habit but she knew I wasn't drinking plain water most of the time and told me that I should start doing so--much to my surprise because I always thought it was alright to drink in that particular manner. On top of that, my period was late for a long time and my period came this morning right after the session! Highly recommended!"

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