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I've had only one Reconnective Healing session at distance so far but, the changes have been amazing!
I feel more vibrant, with more energy that ever and that's a big deal for me - I've been on depression medication for more than 10 years now and have never been able to find a true inner peace before.
I'm exercising, making new friends, finding more joy in life.
I'm sleeping better, my mood is more stable, even my wife is telling me "what do they do to you? I don't want the old you back anymore!"

I will definetly come back for more sessions!
I am excited about this "new me" and for what else the Universe has in store for me.

V.P., Brazil
​I came to Patricia for a Reconnective Healing session without telling her the real reason.
As she worked on me, I felt an incredible relaxation and well-being that I had not felt in a long time. I felt my left arm and breast really warm and tingling, a sensation of something being released.
After the session, Patricia asked me "what happened on the left side of your arm and breast?", I said: "I have breat cancer on the outside part of my breast.". She laughed and said: "I told you you did not need to tell me the reason why you came to me, there's an Universal Intelligence that will provide you with what you need."
After that, I came back for two more sessions and after each one of them, I am feeling more at peace with my diagnoses and was able to feel an energy shift throughout all my being.
C.Y., United States
I scheduled a distance healing session with Patricia and it was amazing!
I did not believe that I was going to feel anything but, I am pelased to say that I was wrong.
She was able to release some emotional trauma I've had many years ago and had no idea it was still there.
H.T., United States
I had an Akashic Record Reading with Patricia and it was so enlightening. I felt a sense of being supported by my guides that were able to answer my questions and provide me guidance on the steps ahead, as well as understand past experiences and learn their lessons.
Thank you for this amazing gift, Patricia
T.U., Canada
"I had an Emotional Baggage Release session with Patricia and I was mesmerized by discovering some patterns that were not allowing me to be my true self.
She was able to clear out some emotions that were stuck on my body for more than 10 years!!
An amazing transformation occured inside of me and now I feel like I can accomplish anything.
I will be eternally grateful for this oportunity ."
F.P., Brazil
“My experience with Reconnective Healing with Patricia Yiu was suiting. I experienced energy in my right arm and hand with tingling sensation as this is the side I had breast cancer few years ago. I experienced colors, lights and felt relaxed after our session.”
G.E, North Carolina
"Patricia is a very caring and nice healer! She is very patient and allowed me to take my time to release my emotions and reminded me that it was safe for me to do so. She was trying to clear out the emotional energy that is stuck in my body and she managed to tap into the grief that has been stored in my body that I didn't even know--I ended up crying, something that I didn't do when the incident happened and I felt really relieved. She was also able to point out some of the patterns that I have in my life and cleared them out for me, so now I'm able to make decisions more confidently which I wasn't able to before. She also explained to me in details about how energy that trapped in our body could affect our well-being. I feel much better after the energy was being released from the organs or body parts. I didn't tell her about my water drinking habit but she knew I wasn't drinking plain water most of the time and told me that I should start doing so--much to my surprise because I always thought it was alright to drink in that particular manner. On top of that, my period was late for a long time and my period came this morning right after the session! Highly recommended!"
A.K., Singapore

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